WARNING: If you are coming from a 1.16.x Forge server make sure all your mods fully support Forge 1.17 otherwise you will be met with a lot of issues. DedicatedMC is not responsible for corrupted worlds, files or other things due to incompatibilities caused by outdated mods.

To install Forge 1.16.x or older, you can follow this guide:

How to install Forge up to 1.16.5
Want to install some sweet mods onto your server with Forge? Follow this guideon how to do so! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > If you are looking to install Forge 1.17.x you can follow this guide:How to install Forge 1.17> WARNING: If you are c…


You must be on our Forge 1.17 egg in order for Forge 1.17 to run on your server.
You can check the Egg your server uses on the panel by going to your server and then selecting General Settings and looking at Server Information.

If you are not on our Forge 1.17 egg, join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/dedicatedmc and create a ticket, and we can get you switched over!

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Step 1: Download the Forge installer from https://files.minecraftforge.net/net/minecraftforge/forge and install the server to a folder you have easy access to (For example, a folder on your Desktop).

Image #1
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The provided folder must be empty for the forge installer to accept it as a valid location and install the forge server.

Step 2: Open the folder where the server was installed and upload the entire libraries folder to your server. (If you already have a libraries folder in your server, delete it first.)

Image #3

Step 3: Back in the folder where forge installed the server on your PC, you can find a file called run.sh. Open the file with a text editor (DO NOT run it) and in the last line copy the text after @user_jvm_args.txt as shown below.

Image #4

Step 4: Navigate to your server's Startup Settings on the panel and paste the text you copied from step 3 in the Unix Arguments box.

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Step 5: Start your server, wait for it to stop and accept the EULA by going to the File Manager, opening eula.txt and following the instructions the file gives you.

After all steps are completed, start your server again, and you will be on Forge 1.17! Happy Modding!