How to setup Scheduled Tasks

Want to have your server restart every few hours? In need of an automatic broadcasted message? Then this is the article for you!


This article is using an automated restart as an example. The steps to setup any other schedule are exactly the same!

Step 1: Login to the Raw Power Panel and select the server you want to create automatic restarts for.

Step 2: Click on β€œSchedules”, which can be found in the sidebar of the left of the panel.

Step 3: Click on β€œCreate new” at the top left of the β€œSchedules” panel and give your schedule a name – We suggest naming it β€œRestart Warning”

For daily restarts, type β€œ*” into the β€œDay of Week” & β€œDay of Month” boxes.

Step 4: Select the hour of day you want your server to restart at. – All servers are set to EST. Meaning you will have to convert your local time in order to get an accurate reading. For this tutorial we’ll be starting our restart warning schedule at 1:50 am EST.

Step 5: Create your tasks – We suggest doing the following 5 commands. Be sure to change the intervals!

Step 6: Click on β€œCreate Schedule” and then once back on the β€œSchedules” panel, click on β€œCreate new”

Step 7: Once you have created your new schedule, type the schedules name into the box at the top! - we’d suggest naming it β€œRestart”

Copy the exact same configuration as you have for your restart warning. Except this time our schedule is going to start at 2AM EST.

Step 8: Insert the following commands into the tasks boxes – Be sure to select β€œPower Action” for the restart command!

Power Action values are only "kill, restart, start, stop". You should only use Power Actions for these values, any other value will not work.

Step 9: Click β€œCreate Schedule” and relax while your server restarts automatically every day!

Done! πŸ‘