Want to have your server restart every few hours? In need of an automatic broadcasted message? Then this is the article for you!


Step 1: Login to the Raw Power Panel and select the server you want to create automatic restarts for.

Step 2: Click on “Schedules”, which can be found in the sidebar of the left of the panel.

Step 3: Click on “Create Schedule” at the top left of the “Schedules” panel and give your schedule a name.

To have the schedule rune every 5 hours, you would need to put */5 in the hours section, with 0 in minute & a * in month and week.

We make use of crontab syntax - You can generate a fully custom timing setting by clicking here

Step 4: Select the hour of day you want your server to restart at. – All servers are set to EST. Meaning you will have to convert your local time in order to get an accurate reading. For this tutorial we’ll be starting our restart warning schedule at 1:50 am EST.

This would run a schedule every 12 hours!

Step 5: Once you have created your schedule, you can now create the tasks (or commands) that it'll run! For an automatic restart schedule, click Power Action with payload Restart

Step 6: Click on “Create Schedule” and then once back on the “Schedules” panel, click on “Create new

Step 7: Once you have created your new schedule, type the schedules name into the box at the top! - we’d suggest naming it “Restart

Please note if you are adding things after amount of seconds it is from the start of the schedule not last task!

Done! 👍

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