In this post, we will show you how to use our latest panel feature, the egg switcher!
The egg switcher allows you to swap out your server's egg with ease!

What is an Egg, and why do we use them?

An egg is basically a term we use for an object used to store the configuration of a specific type of game, for example: Vanilla Minecraft, Forge Minecraft, Satisfactory, etc.

With the ever expanding list of game servers we provide, it's necessary for us to have different configurations for different types of servers.

Notable Information

If you have a dedicated IP, the egg switcher will attempt to overwrite some of your ports to the egg's defaults, so for example 25565 for java minecraft, 19132 for bedrock minecraft, etc.

If you have a port you'd like to keep, then you should add a note to it, so it can be skipped.

Do note, if your total port count is greater than your port limit (default: 5) the egg switcher will remove ports randomly until it reaches the limit. (It won't remove the egg's default ports)


Make sure to have a BACKUP OF ANY FILES you want to keep as some eggs will wipe out your existing data in order to properly install the server you want.

Step #1:
On the Raw Power Panel, head over to General Settings.

Step #2:
Find the box named Egg Switcher and select a nest from the dropdown.

This how the General Settings page should look like.

Step #3:
After selecting a nest, select the egg you would like to change to. Then hit the Switch button.

Step #4:
A Confirmation modal will pop up, with a few options. Please, read through everything carefully. Enable the options you want and then hit Yes, Switch.

You may not see every single option presented here, that's OK!
The Use Default Egg Configuration option allows you to skip setting any Egg variables (view Step #5) and using the defaults instead.
It's recommended to go through setting up the Egg Variables, however.

Step #5:
Unless you enabled the Use Default Egg Configuration option, you will now be allowed to configure your Egg Variables. Go ahead and edit them to your liking, then hit Finish!

Step #6: Profit!