How to setup Server Backups

No one likes to lose data.

Backing up your data is something that we all should do. It's so easy to lose data that many of us do this without even thinking. Your Minecraft server should be the same. While we are making our own backup plugin for the panel, we strongly advise that you create plugin based backups of your data. Below are 2 plugins that we recommend and are simple to install. You add them to your mods or plugins folder and restart. It's that simple.

If you run a Paper/Spigot server, we recommend you use Server Restorer. It is light weight, simple to install and has powerful functions. All you need to do is drop it into your plugins folder on your server and reboot. If you are running a Forge/Modded server, you cannot beat the FTB's own Backup Utilities. Simple to install, just drop it into the Mods folder on your server and reboot. It handles backups easily and is extremely server friendly.