It is possible to upgrade your current plan to a higher plan. This article will describe how you can do that.


Step 1: Join our Discord and create a Support Ticket, or create a ticket on the Billing Portal.

Step 2: Ask for your current plan to be upgraded, provide your Billing Portal email address and inform to which plan you want to be upgraded.

Step 3: In order to upgrade you, we will send you an upgrade invoice which will be the difference in costs between the two plans, keeping in mind the amount of days your current plan has been live for.

Once this invoice has been paid and your server will be automatically upgraded! Note: If you upgrade to a different location, or a higher plan, your files etc will have to be moved. This will not be automatically done and will be done by one of our Support Agents. Make sure that your server is turned off!

Step 4: Our Support Agents will let us know when the upgrade/transfer has been completed!

Done! 👍