This guide will show you on how to install Fabric on the Panel. Fabric is an API used to easily add mods to servers.


  1. Your server must be on the fabric egg before you attempt this guide.
    You can check what egg your server is currently using, by navigating to General Settings

If your server is not on the Fabric egg, you can use the Egg Switcher to change it or contact us via a ticket!

How to use the Egg Switcher
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Step #1:
With your server being on the Fabric egg, head over to Startup Settings.

Step #2:
Set the Minecraft Version to the Minecraft version you want your server to be on, or latest to install the latest Minecraft version available for Fabric.

Step #3:
Set the Fabric Loader Version to the version of Fabric you want, if you don't know what that is or which version you want, leave it as latest

Step #4:
Change your Java Version according to the version of Minecraft you will be installing.
Here is a cheat sheet for which Java version pairs with which Minecraft version.

Java 17 -> Minecraft 1.18.x and later
Java 16 -> Minecraft 1.17.x
Java 8 or Java 11 (start with Java 8) -> Any Minecraft version before 1.17

Step #5:
Head over to General Settings and hit the Reinstall Server button, then wait for your server to be reinstalled.

Done! Your Server is now on Fabric!