Did you ever want to automate your server tasks?  You're in the right place. This guide will show you how to create Scheduled Tasks for your server using the Raw Power Panel.

Step 1.
On your panel, navigate to the "Schedules" section.

Step 2.
After clicking "Schedules", you will see this screen. Hit "Create Schedule".

Step 3.
Click "Create Schedule", it will prompt you with a 'Schedule Creation' screen. It will prompt you with a few options, most notably when the schedules are to be run, and whether or not they run regardless of Server State.

Step 4.
In this example, we are going to be creating a schedule that reboots your server every 12 hours. We are going to be naming it "Restart".

The drop-down selector within the schedule creation screen will ask you in what increments you would like the schedule to run. If you are looking at daily schedules, select "day" and then promptly select the hours. REMINDER: you can select multiple hours and multiple minutes when clicking on each respective box. You can double click the hour to make it run every interval of that specific timeframe. So if you want every 6 hours the schedule to run, double click the 6 in the selector.

Step 5.
After you've selected your presets, hit "Create Schedule".

Step 6.
After you've created your schedule, you need to create your Tasks. Ideally, you'd want to warn your players before your restart. So let's make a couple of warning broadcasts.

This is a standard warning task. It sends a "say" command in your console, and you wanna select "Continue on Failure" to make sure regardless whether or not the task succeeds that your schedule keeps going. The off-sets are based on each previous task, so we are going to be off-setting each warning based on the elapsed time.

Step 7.
After you've created your warning tasks, it should look something like this:

Step 8.
Now to create the Reboot task. On the task creation screen, hit the drop-down menu and hit "Send Power Action", and select "Restart the Server"

Don't forget the off-set. Depending on how your warning tasks were set, continuity is important. :)

And you're done! You've created a Schedule that reboots your server every 12 hours. All of these settings are adjustable to your liking, so tweak it to suit your individual needs.