Using a Reverse Proxy can be useful if you are running plugins on your server with built-in webservers like Dynmap, BlueMap or PLAN. How to set one up can be found in the article below!

Create a Reverse Proxy

Setting up a Reverse Proxy can be done by us for you, all for free! You will however need a domain for this, which we also provide. You can also use this in combination with an existing domain you might have.

When you are using CloudFlare for your domain, make sure you do not 'Proxy' it through them. This can cause issues with your Reverse Proxy with us.

Step 1: Create a DNS record on your domain. This has to be a type CNAME record which points to target The name of the record is up to you.

Step 2: Open a Ticket on our Discord and let our Support Staff know you want to receive a Reverse Proxy. You will need to provide our Support Staff with the following information:

  • The full domain name you want to use for your Reverse Proxy (subdomain + domain)
  • The IP and port you want to proxy (e.g.

The IP and port can be found on the Raw Power Panel under "Network Settings". After you've given us this information, we will handle the rest for you!

Done! Enjoy your new easy to remember and SSL secured link! 🚀