How to install a custom .jar file

This guide will show you on how to upload and use a custom .jar file on the Panel.


If you want to update your server to the newly released 1.16 Nether Update you can download a server jar from here. We do recommend to create a backup before you update!

Step 1: Download your jar file. If you want to use plugins we recommend using Paper, which can be downloaded from A Spigot jar can be obtained through the Spigot BuildTools Guide which is linked here.

Step 2: Login to the Panel and select the server that you want to change the jar of.

Step 3: Click on 'File Management' which can be found in the sidebar on the left of the panel.

Step 4: In 'File Management' you will see a button to 'Upload' files. Click this button to select the jar file from your Computer and upload the file.

Step 5: Your custom jar will now be uploaded to your server. It should also appear in the File Manager.

Step 6: Click on the three little dots at the end of the file and click on 'Rename'.

Step 7: Rename your jar file to server.jar and go back to the 'Console' page.

Step 8: Press the 'Start' button to start your server. Your server will now use the jar file you just uploaded!