Server Specs

Below you can find all the Server Specifications for our Minecraft hosting. Nobody likes over crammed nodes like some hosts do, and neither do we! Dev EU | Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6 or Similar (4 cores, 8 threads) up to 3.80 GHz RAM: 64 GB DDR4

JVM Arguments & Startup Flags

We deploy optimized JVM arguments by default to make your server run even better! Read below for more information. General InformationJVM ArgumentsAll of our servers are deployed with Aikars Optimized JVM arguments, which can be found here. These flags will help you run your server consistently without any large Garbage

How to install a custom .jar file

This guide will show you how to upload and use a custom .jar file on the DedicatedMC.io Panel. GuideStep 1: Download your jar file. If you want to use plugins we recommend using Paper, which can be downloaded from https://papermc.io/. A Spigot jar can be obtained through

How to install Paper

This guide will show you on how to install Paper on the DedicatedMC.io Panel. Paper is a much more improved version of Spigot, and we highly recommend using it! For New ServersStep 1: We auto deploy new servers with the latest version of PaperMC available at the time your

How to install and configure Dynmap

Dynmap is a Google Maps-like map for your Minecraft server that can be viewed in a browser. It can be used to view live location of your players, aswell as their builds and health/armor! General InformationIn this guide we will be going over 4 aspects of Dynmap: How to

How to create and view MySQL Databases

Databases are used for many things! Lots of plugins and software can use MySQL databases to store data. These can also be useful for bungeecord networks. How to create and view database info.‚Äč Step 1: Navigate to the 'Databases' tab on the panel. Step 2: Click 'Create Database' and enter

How to add Additional Ports

Need an extra port for your Dynmap or another plugin? Read the article below on how to add additional ports! Step 1: Login to the Raw Power Panel and select the server you want to add ports to. Step 2: Click on "Network Settings", which can be found in the

How to fix your Forge symlink

Ever since Forge 1.17 has released, they have been using a new method of installing Forge servers which included the unix_arguments.txt. This system differs from Forge versions 1.16.5 or lower, so this guide is not applicable for those versions.After transferring your server or restoring

Palworld FAQ

Have questions about your DedicatedMC hosted Palworld server? We've got some answers for you! This FAQ was created to answer the most common questions you may have about your new shiny DedicatedMC Palworld Server! Before reading the rest of the FAQ, please note the game is in Early Access which

Need more help?

Have a question that wasn't answered in the Docs above? Not to worry! Join our Discord and create a ticket.

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