Advanced Server Setup

How to add Additional Ports

Need an extra port for your Dynmap or another plugin? Read the article below on how to add additional ports! Step 1: Login to the Raw Power Panel and select the server you want to add ports to. Step 2: Click on "Network Settings", which can be found in the

How to create Server Backups

This guide will show you how to create backups using the Panel. How to create a backup on the PanelThis guide will show you how to create manual backups using the Raw Power Panel! - By default, you have 3 available backups at any one time. Step 1:

How to view your MySQL Databases

ADVANCED TUTORIAL - This guide will show you how to view your databases using HeidiSQL Guide Step 1: You will need to download HeidiSQL, in order to do so simply follow this link and it will automatically download HeidiSQL as a PORTABLE copy (non permanent) HeidiSQL Download. If you use

How to setup a Custom Domain

This guide will explain you how to use a custom domain instead of a numeric IP to join your server. Pre-requisitesIn order to follow this guide you will need: A DedicatedMC server and its IP address and port.A domain name - this is what players will use to connect

How to allow multiple Minecraft Versions on your Server

This guide will show you how to allow multiple Minecraft Versions on your Server. GuideThis Guide requires that your server runs Spigot or PaperMC. (Allowing use of Minecraft Plugins to bring the multi-version support.) Step 1: First you’ll need to go to the Panel and

How to create and setup a Server Resource-Pack

Step 1: You need to take the Resource Pack you would like to use on your server and create a .zip file of it, using the archive manager of your choice like 7zip or WinRAR. The .zip should lead directly into the /assets folder, pack.mcmeta file, and pack.png

How to create a SRV Record

This document will show you how to create a SRV Record using CloudFlare. GuideStep 1: Login to the DNS settings panel of your domain provider. For this tutorial, we'll be using Cloudflare. Step 2: Create a new A record. Step 3: As the host fill in either @ if you want

How to view and open tar.gz files

This guide will show you how to open Tar files which our panel makes when you zip something up or even for backups. GuideStep 1: You will need to download a program called 7zip, this is the main program we will be using to extract files from Tars. WinRar is

How to unzip/extract a file using 7zip

How to unzip/extract a file using 7zip. This will be useful if you need to view logs or open a file. Most of the time with minecraft you will be dealing with a .gz file (.log.gz, is the same thing once you extract it you will be able

How to disable the Nether and the End dimensions

Disabling the NetherDisabling the Nether dimension is the same for all Minecraft Java Edition servers!First Step: Stop your server and navigate to the File Manager. Second Step: Open the file named, find the line where it says allow-nether=true and change it to allow-nether=false. Third Step:

How to compile Spigot jars using BuildTools

Let me begin to preface this guide; Spigot is unstable and often unoptimized software. Use Spigot at your own discretion, as we cannot officially distribute any jars ourselves.Step 1a: Download and install Java 17 JDK from Step 1b: Create a folder

How to fix Corrupted Worlds

There are several reasons as to why a world would be corrupted and while it's not very common anymore, it's still very annoying to deal with. So this guide aims to cover the easiest ways of saving your world and your server from the cruel hands of corrupt data. DISCLAIMER:

How to install Minecraft 1.18

In this guide, we will show you how to install Minecraft 1.18 on your server and update your Java Version to the required version Java 17. Step #1: Download the 1.18 server jar from Minecraft's website. Here is a link to the article:

How to migrate from Vanilla to Paper

In this guide, we will show you how to migrate from a Minecraft Vanilla server to Paper! DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE MIGRATING OR UPGRADING YOUR SERVERS!Guide #1 - Jar SwitcherStep #1: Ensure your server is stopped and that you have a backup. Step #2: On the Raw

How to use the Game Switcher

In this post, we will show you how to use our latest panel feature, the game switcher! The game switcher allows you to swap out your server's egg with ease! What is an Egg, and why do we use them?An egg is basically a term we use for an

How to install a CurseForge modpack

This tutorial is going to show you how to install a CurseForge modpack of your choice on your DedicatedMC server. If you want to install a CurseForge modpack on your server, there are 2 ways you can go about it. For this tutorial, we will be using SevTech: Ages. If

How to update your PaperMC server between major Minecraft releases

In this guide, we will be explaining how to update your PaperMC server to new Minecraft vanilla releases. This is purely meant for updating on Day 1 release and should be used only if you wish to use Vanilla Minecraft.BEFORE YOU CONTINUE WITH THIS GUIDE, TAKE A BACKUP AND

How to use a MySQL Database with plugins

DedicatedMC offers free databases to use with your plugins! This guide offers some basic instructions to get you started! Please review our Terms Of Service and Fair Usage policy before creating a database with DedicatedMC. Misuse of our Database system will result in your database being deleted and potentially being

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