In this guide we will be explaining how to install FabricMC on your Raw Power Panel.

Step 1:
Navigate to General Settings and search for the Egg Switcher.

Step 2:
Select in the Egg Switcher the nest Modded Minecraft and egg Fabric. Click Switch, and it should prompt a big pop-up that has two checkboxes.

Step 3:
When you get to the confirmation screen, make sure Delete Files Before Changing Egg is checked.
If you also want to install the latest version of Fabric and Minecraft also check Reinstall The Server.
Afterwards, click Yes, Switch.

Step 4:
Once the process has finished you can either go ahead and boot the server, or if you wanted to install a different version of MC and not the latest version continue to Step 5.

Step 5:
If you want a different version of Fabric other than the latest, head to Startup Settings after switching your egg.
Under Minecraft Version, specify the version of Minecraft you'd like to use instead. i.e: 1.16.5. Once you do, click your Enter key twice.

Step 6:
Head back to General Settings and hit Reinstall Server this time. Confirm, and allow the reinstallation to finish. Once done, make sure that you are using the correct Java version.

All versions before Minecraft 1.17 use Java 8 or 11 (prefer Java 8).
Minecraft 1.17 uses Java 16 and MC 1.18 uses Java 17.

Step 7:
Boot your server!

Done! You have now installed Fabric.
If you are looking to install some mods, the take a look at this guide.

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