This guide will show you on how to install Fabric on the Panel. Fabric is an API used to easily add mods to servers.


Step 1: Begin by downloading the Fabric Server installer found here.

Step 2: Open that installer. Once opened, select 'Server' and then the Minecraft version you wish to run Fabric on.

Make sure you click on the "Server" tab

Step 3: Select the install location(we recommend selecting an empty folder on your computer) and then click 'Install'. Fabric will now install a fabric-server-launch.jar file within this folder.

Step 4: Now open the folder where you installed Fabric to. Double-click and run that fabric-server-launch.jar"file.

Step 5: Fabric will now launch and start generating all of the Fabric server files within that folder.

Step 6: After all Fabric server files have generated, delete the .fabric folder.

Step 7: Login to the Panel and get your SFTP credentials. How to use SFTP on the Panel‚Äč

Step 8: Make sure your servers directory is empty before you install any new files. After the directory is empty, install all your Fabric Server files to this directory through the SFTP Client.

Step 9: Once uploaded, move to the Panel and go to Configuration > Startup Configuration and change the name under Server Jar File to fabric-server-launch.jar

Step 10: Save your configuration, and go back to the Console. Here, hit Start. Your server will now being to launch with Fabric!