This guide will show you on how to install Fabric on the Panel. Fabric is an API used to easily add mods to servers.


Step 1: Begin by downloading the Fabric Server installer found here.

Step 2: Open that installer. Once opened, select 'Server' and then the Minecraft version you wish to run Fabric on.

Make sure you click on the "Server" tab

Step 3: Select the install location(we recommend selecting an empty folder on your computer) and then click 'Install'. Fabric will now install a fabric-server-launch.jar file within this folder.

Step 5: If you don't have the vanilla server jar, make sure to download it as well!

Click "Download server jar" and once it's done click "Done"

Step 5: Login to the Panel and get your SFTP credentials. How to use SFTP on the Panel‚Äč

Step 6: If your server contains any of the following files or folders, delete them.

If any of those exist, delete them

Step 7: Upload all files from the folder you chose in step 3, including the vanilla server jar.

Step 8: Once uploaded, move to the Panel and go to Startup Settings and change the name under Server Jar File to fabric-server-launch.jar

Set SERVER JAR FILE to fabric-server-launch.jar

Step 9: Save your configuration, and go back to the Console. Here, hit Start. Your server will now being to launch with Fabric!