In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade from a 1.16.x Server to the Caves and Cliff Part 1 Update! In this example, we are going to be using a 1.16.5 server on Paper and upgrading it to the new 1.17 Vanilla update.

Read the Paper upgrade doc here!

Step 1: Stop your server and create a Backup via the panel. This ensures that you have a copy of all your data.

You can optionally also lock your backups so they are not purged during scheduled backups using Schedules. This ensures that that backup stays untouched.

Step 2: You will need to rearrange where your world files are located to move your server from Paper to vanilla. This will require moving the DIM-1 and DIM1 folders from your world_nether and world_the_end folders to the main world folder.

To move the folders the easiest method is to navigate to the world_nether folder and select DIM-1

Then select the move option and put ../world/DIM-1 as the destination and click move.

This will move the nether world data to the main world folder.

Repeat these steps for DIM1 in world_the_end with ../world/DIM1

Your file structure is now all ready for a vanilla server and you can delete the old world_nether and world_the_end folders

Step 3: 1.17+ requires servers to use Java 16. You can set your Java version of your server to Java 16 in your Startup Settings on the Raw Power Panel.

If it is not letting you change this option please make a ticket on our Discord. Our Support Agents will be happy to assist you!

Step 4: Delete the existing server.jar file on your server.

Step 5: You will need to download the new server jar for Minecraft 1.17 from the Minecraft website. (This is the link to the download page for the server file for Vanilla 1.17 The fastest way of doing this is by using our Download from URL button.

Navigate to the release page and right click on the cross platform server jar and select copy link

Go back to the panel and click the Download from URL button and paste the link you got in

Click download and when it finishes you should have a new server.jar file on your server!

After you are done doing all of those steps, you can start your server and your 1.16.5 world will be on the new version of Minecraft!