If your server feels a little bland and vanilla for your taste, and you want to spice it up, then this guide will show you how to install those sweet mods!


  • Your server must be on Forge or Fabric. (You can't install mods on Spigot and Paper)

You can follow this guide to install Forge:

How to install Forge
Want to install some sweet mods onto your server with Forge? Follow this guideon how to do so! This guide will show you how to install Forge on 1.16.5 serversand prior. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To install Forge 1.17.x, you can follow this …
How to install Forge 1.17
> WARNING: If you are coming from a 1.16.x Forge server make sure all your modsfully support Forge 1.17 otherwise you will be met with a lot of issues.DedicatedMC is not responsible for corrupted worlds, files or other things dueto incompatibilities caused by outdated mods.To install Forge 1.16.…

You can follow this guide to install Fabric:

How to install Fabric
This guide will show you on how to install Fabric on the DedicatedMC.io Panel.Fabric is an API used to easily add mods to servers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GuideStep 1: Begin by downloading the Fabric Server installer found here[https://fabricmc.net/use/…
If you are running Spigot, Paper or any fork of those, your server can only use plugins. Here's a guide on how to install them:
How to install Plugins
Want to use plugins on your server to enhance your server? Follow the guidebelow on how to install them! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GuideStep 1: Download your desired plugin from Spigot [https://www.spigotmc.org/].Spigot is the largest webs…

Caveats (Notable Information)

  • You can't install mods for different toolkits, meaning Forge mods can only be used with Forge and Fabric mods can only be used with Fabric.
  • You can't install client-only mods on your server. (It will crash)
  • Unless the mod you install is for the server only (ex. Dynmap, Plan), you must also install it on your client. (Same procedure as below, but the mods folder is found in .minecraft/mods/ where .minecraft is where Minecraft is installed.)


Step 1: Download your desired mod from a site like CurseForge. CurseForge is generally one of the largest and safest sites for mods and modpacks alike.
Make sure that the mod you download is in .jar format.

Step 2: Go to the Raw Power Panel and choose the server you want to add the mod to.

Step 3: If the plugin is smaller than 100 MB, you can upload it straight through the panel. To do that, follow step 3A. Otherwise, follow step 3B.

Step 3A: On the Panel, go to File Management then open the folder called mods. On this page at the top you will see an orange button, "Upload". Click this button and select the mod jar you downloaded from step 1.

Step 3B (recommended): If your plugin is larger than 100 MB, or you prefer to use SFTP, then follow our guide on how to use SFTP with your server here. Upload the mod jar you downloaded from step 1 to the /mods folder.

Step 4: After your mod is uploaded, restart your server. Your mod should now be installed and active!