As we have discussed in our Paper Config Optimization Guide, modern versions of Minecraft require some optimization to their configs. In this article we will go over optimizations.

Default: 10
Optimised: 4-8
Impact: Heavy
- This is a big performance setting as it forcibly reduces the max render distance for players. Open world servers (like Survival) should strive to use 6+, but others on shared hosts, low specs, or huge player counts might consider 4-5 if chunk gen causes lag.

Warning: See note in mob-spawn-range (spigot.yml) if you set your view distance lower than 7.

Default: 256
Optimised: Standalone(512) BungeeCord(-1)
Impact: Minor
- This option caps the size of a packet before the server attempts to compress it. Setting it higher can save some resources at the cost of bandwidth, setting it to -1 disables it.

Note: If your server is in a network with the proxy on localhost or the same datacenter (<2 ms ping), disabling this (-1) will be beneficial.