This guide will explain you how to use a custom domain instead of a numeric IP to join your server.


In order to follow this guide you will need:

  1. A DedicatedMC server and its IP address and port.
  2. A domain name - this is what players will use to connect to your server. You can purchase one directly from DMC here or through a company like Namecheap or Porkbun.
  3. (Optional but highly recommended) Have added your domain to Cloudflare - I find they propagate DNS records much faster than services like Namecheap. They also offer excellent DDoS protection if you are hosting a website with your domain, among many other amazing features. It is also what I will be using in this example, so you may find it easier to follow along. You can read how to add a domain to Cloudflare here.

Setting up an A record

An A record is a type of DNS record. Put simply, an A record is the link between your servers IP and the domain name and allows computers to find your server using the domain.

  1. Login to your domain providers dashboard (or wherever you manage your domains DNS). In my case this is Cloudflare.
  2. Select the domain you will be using for your server, in this example, I will be using, so I’ll select that.

3. Navigate to the DNS section of your domain’s management dashboard. Click on ‘Add Record’.

Fill out the boxes with the following details:

Type: A
Name: The subdomain that you want to use for your server (eg. - if you want to just use the full domain (eg. type @.
IPv4 Address: Your DedicatedMC server IP (do not include the port) - eg.
TTL: Set to automatic if you have the option. If you don’t, select 30 minutes.
Proxy status (Cloudflare only): DNS only (grey cloud).

Hit ‘Save’ and go and have a coffee ☕ while you wait for the DNS record to propagate. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 48 hours. You can use a DNS checker to see if your A record has propagated.

Congrats! You’ve just set up a domain for your Minecraft server. But wait! There’s more...

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