Want to grow your audience and get supported by your favorite host? Read on!

The Partnership Program is currently closed.
But, should you wish to reach out to us, feel free to make a ticket on our Discord!

DedicatedMC.io Partnership Requirements

Here at DedicatedMC, we want to help you and your community grow. We are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for partnership!

If you are a YouTuber (or) and a Streamer, we want to hear from you!

Below are some guidelines for what we will be looking at when considering your application. Note, these are not hard and fast rules, but more of a guide on what we would like to see from you and your channel. The more of these that apply to you, the better tier of product we can offer.

  • You need to be at minimum 16 years of age to be eligible for a partnership with DedicatedMC.
  • For those younger then 18 years of age, require a Guardian's written permission to become a partner with DedicatedMC.


·  Have an account that is primarily gaming related, preferably Minecraft.
·  Have at least 5,000 subscribers.
·  Have uploaded at least 100 videos.
·  Upload at least 2 videos per week.


·   Have an account that is primarily gaming related, preferably Minecraft.
·   Have at least 5,000 followers.
·   Stream more than 15 hours per week.
·   Been streaming for longer than 6 months.
·   Have affiliate partnership.

If we accept your application (Congratulations if you did!), we could offer the following:

· A server for you, your friends, and your followers.
· A fancy partnership role on Discord.
· Access to our exclusive partners-only server.
· A customized promotion link with a promo code.

Along with what we offer, we would also expect you to advertise our services to your audience. This would be done with our media kits and link being added to stream/video descriptions, as well as referrals to our services.

If you have any questions regarding these, join our Discord and make a ticket. Our support team will be happy to help!