This guide will show you how to setup SFTP to transfer large files to your server using a client.

In order to use SFTP you need an (S)FTP Client. We recommend using WinSCP on Windows and Cyberduck on macOS. Any other FTP Client will work just fine! (Such as FileZilla)

Step 1: Download and open your SFTP Client.

This would be the prompt if you were using winSCP.

Step 2: Open your SFTP client and use the details from the Raw Power Panel under General Settings > SFTP Settings to log in.

Step 3: On this page you will find your details to log in with SFTP to your server.  The connection address is the host on your SFTP Client, the username your username and the password is the same password you use to login to the Raw Power Panel.

You do not need to specify a port. When copying the connection address it will automatically fill in a port. If your SFTP program does not do it automatically, use port 7767.

Step 4: After connecting successfully, you should see your files that are in File Management. To upload files to your server, just drag and drop. If you need files in a specific directory, you can also just as easily move the file there.

Step 5: Your files will now begin to upload. You will receive a notification on your computer when all your files have finished uploading.