Server Jars

How to install Paper

This guide will show you on how to install Paper on the Panel. Paper is a much more improved version of Spigot, and we highly recommend using it! For New ServersStep 1: We auto deploy new servers with the latest version of PaperMC available at the time your

Which Server Jar should I use?

When running a Minecraft Server, you can choose from a large amount of Server Jars to use for your server. But why would you pick one over the other? What makes certain Jars better than others? Read on to find out! Recommended Server Jars:PaperPaper is our go-to for running

How to upgrade from 1.16.x to 1.17 Vanilla

In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade from a 1.16.x Server to the Caves and Cliff Part 1 Update! In this example, we are going to be using a 1.16.5 server on Paper and upgrading it to the new 1.17 Vanilla update.

How to update from 1.16.5 to 1.17 Paper

Paper 1.17 has become safe-to-use, but before we begin, we have one disclaimer: BACK UP YOUR SERVERS BEFORE UPDATING. PLUGINS CAN, AND WILL BREAK WHEN UPDATING TO JAVA 16. Not all plugins have updated their supported Java versions, so expect issues. Let's begin. Step 1. Before starting the update,

How to install Minecraft 1.18

In this guide, we will show you how to install Minecraft 1.18 on your server and update your Java Version to the required version Java 17. Step #1: Download the 1.18 server jar from Minecraft's website. Here is a link to the article:

How to migrate from Vanilla to Paper

In this guide, we will show you how to migrate from a Minecraft Vanilla server to Paper! DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE MIGRATING OR UPGRADING YOUR SERVERS!Guide #1 - Jar SwitcherStep #1: Ensure your server is stopped and that you have a backup. Step #2: On the Raw

How to install Forge

Want to install some sweet mods onto your server with Forge? Follow this guide on how to do so! This article contains two different guides. The first guide is for installing the latest or the latest recommended version of forge for a given Minecraft version. The second guide is for

How to install Fabric

This guide will show you on how to install Fabric on the Panel. Fabric is an API used to easily add mods to servers. PrerequisitesYour server must be on the fabric egg before you attempt this guide. You can check what egg your server is currently using, by

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