Want to use plugins on your server to enhance your server? Follow the guide below on how to install them!


Step 1: Download your desired plugin from Polymart, Paper, Modrinth or Spigot. Spigot is the largest website for plugins, and also the most reliable one. Make sure that the plugin you download is in .jar format.

Step 2: Go to the Raw Power Panel and choose the server you want to add the plugin to.

Step 3: If the plugin is smaller than 100 MB, you can upload it straight through the panel. To do that, follow step 3A. If not, follow step 3B.

Step 3A: On the Panel, go to 'File Management'. On this page at the top you will see an orange button, "Upload". Click this button and select the plugins jar where you saved it. Your plugin will now be uploaded.

Step 3B (recommended): If your plugin is larger than 100 MB, or you prefer to use SFTP, then follow our guide on how to use SFTP with your server here. Upload your plugin to the /plugins folder.

Step 4: After your plugin is uploaded, restart your server. Do NOT use /reload as this can break your server and plugins. It's never recommended to reload your server.

Step 5: After your server is restarted, you can check if your plugin is installed correctly by running pl in the console, or /pl in game. This will output your currently installed plugins. If you did this correctly, the plugin will show up as green, which means it is activated and ready to go. If it is red, the plugin is either outdated, or you're not using the right version of the plugin or Minecraft.

Correctly installed plugin, Spark used in this example.

Step 6: If your plugin is red or doesn't show up, make sure you are using the correct version of the plugin, and that the plugin can be used on your version of Minecraft.