This guide will show you how to set your own Message of the Day on the Panel.


Step 1: First, you’ll need to go to the Panel and select the server of which you want to change the MOTD of.

Step 2: In the selected server, either go to ‘File Management’ or use your choice for SFTP. A guide on how to use SFTP can be found here.

Step 3: When using the File Manager on the Panel or SFTP, open the file named

Step 4: Scroll down tell you find motd=  in the file. Then input your custom MOTD message.

We recommend using MCTools MOTD Creator for easier use and more customization when creating your custom MOTD Message.

Minecraft Formatting Codes:

Step 5: Your custom MOTD is now set up! You will need to restart your Minecraft Server to refresh your MOTD!


motd=\u00A7b\ \u00A71\u00A7l|\u00A7c\u00A7l Germany\u00A76\u00A7l Test Server\u00A7r\n\u00A78Powered By\: \u00A77https\://\u00A7r

Done! 👍

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