How to setup a Custom Domain

This guide will explain you how to use a custom domain instead of a numeric IP to join your server.

In order to follow this guide, you need to have already purchased a domain. You also need access to the DNS settings for this domain.


Step 1: Login to the DNS settings panel of your domain provider.

Step 2: Create a new A record.

Step 3: As host fill in either @ if you want to just use your full domain (example or the sub domain name you want to you. Host β€˜mc’ will let users connect to for example.

Step 4: As target fill in the IP of your server without the port.

Step 5: As TTL (Time To Live) select automatic if possible or select 30 minutes.

Step 6: Your players can now connect to your domain followed with the port. (example

You can also get rid of the port behind the domain using by purchasing a dedicated IP and therefor be able to use the default Minecraft port or setup an SRV record which is a bit more complex and differs per domain provider per setup.