In this guide, we will show you how to enable the 1.20 experimental features on your 1.19.3 Minecraft server!

This guide will require you to create a new world.
While there is a way to enable them on existing worlds, this is beyond the scope of this guide.

Step #1:
Make sure your server is on Minecraft Version 1.19.3!

Step #2:
Open or Create

Step #3:
Find the line starting with initial-enabled-packs=.
If you can't find the line, add it to the end of the file!
Now add the following text after the equals sign (=), bundle,update_1_20 such as the line becomes: initial-enabled-packs=bundle,update_1_20.
Lastly, save the file!

Step #4:
If you have an existing world, you will need to either rename it or delete.
Start your server, and you should now have bundles enabled in your world as well as any currently available 1.20 experimental features such as camels and hanging signs!