Support Guidelines

Our support guidelines that our agents follow to help with your query.

General Information

DedicatedMC prides itself on the Performance we offer our customers. It’s in our name. But we also pride ourselves on our Dedicated Support. We have a ticket system built into our discord so that you can get real time support with a real person who knows Minecraft inside and out.

That said, we do have to limit what we can help you with and we are hoping that you understand that while we will try to help as much as we can, there are limits to what we can do.

Below is a guide on what you can expect from our support staff as well as what we can’t do.

We can help you with:

· Billing · Hardware · Installing Jar, Plugins, Mod-packs · Upgrading your server · Adding and Removing Ports · Databases · Schedules · Backups (made via the panel)

We can’t help with:

· Configuring Plugins · Server Config Files · Troubleshooting Plugin incompatibilities. · Lag that is not related to our hardware.

This is all being said, at times our support agents can move outside these at their discretion. This does not mean they have to and should not be considered a given or they will. The 4 items outlined can take out support staff hours to troubleshoot which takes them away from other tickets. This is also something we feel is up to you, the server owner to do as its part of the fun and process of making your server enjoyable for all. We hope that this clears up any misconceptions to what we offer and what we can do for you, our customers.