What are Dedicated IP's

In this article we will be going over what dedicated IP's are, and in which cases they are useful to have.

If you already have a server with us but don't have a dedicated IP, you can request one in a Support Ticket on our Discord.

General Information

A Dedicated IP basically means that you will get access to port 25565. This port is the default port of Minecraft, so when using this you will not need to specify a port when connecting to your server. If you do not have a dedicated IP, it is likely that someone else is running a server on the same IP on port 25565.

As an example, let's say you have a server without a dedicated IP and your main port is 25566. In this case you will need to connect to your server with use example.com:25566 (if you have a domain!)

If you have a server with a dedicated IP your main port will be 25565. In this case when connecting to your server you can simply use the IP of your server; e.g. and will not need to specify a port. For a domain you can simply connect with example.com.

As some people believe, a Dedicated IP is the same thing as a domain. This is NOT true. A domain name and a Dedicated IP are two different things. When purchasing a server with a Dedicated IP, you will receive access to port 25565, and not get a free domain.

To purchase a domain, click the link here.

SRV Record

If you do not want to purchase a dedicated IP with your Budget server with DedicatedMC.io and are the owner of a domainname you'd like to use with your server, you could also use an SRV DNS Record. This record is able to 'mask' the port of your server, thus not needing to specify a port when connecting to your server.

SRV records aren't supported by all ISP's, and you can experience issues with SRV records not working properly. If you don't want to have these problems, you will need a Dedicated IP!