Cancel your Server

This guide will show you how to cancel your product, we’re sad to see you go :(


Step 1: Go to the Client Area and log in.

Step 2: Once you are logged into the Client Area you will need to head over to your Products / Services page.

Step 3: Select the product which you want to cancel by just clicking on the product. Doing so will bring you to the Product Information page.

Step 4: From here you will select the option that says Request Cancellation, once done it will bring you to a page and will give you two options; Immediately and At the end of the billing Period.

  • Immediately will remove all your files and data. There is NO going back from this!

  • At the end of the billing period will cancel your server at the due date.

If you desire, you can leave a reason why you want to request cancellation. We hope to maybe see you again in the future!

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