Suspended Server

You might encounter your server being 'suspended' on the Raw Power Panel. This article will go into why this happens, and how you can solve it.

General Information

Generally, your server will be suspended because you didn't pay your latest invoice. After the second invoice reminder (2 days) your server will be set to Suspended. This will mean that you are not able to access your server files and your server will be offline.

Please note: After your server is suspended for 7 days, meaning you are 7 days over due on your invoice, it is deleted from our systems.

To fix this, go to the Billing Portal and login to your account. If there are any unpaid invoices, pay your invoices and your servers will automatically be unsuspended and available for you again on the Raw Power Panel. This generally takes around 1-5 minutes.

Paid all your invoices, but server is still suspended? Please create a ticket on our Discord and our Support Agents will look into it for you!