How to setup a Whitelist

This guide will show you on how to setup a whitelist on your Minecraft Server to only let players join that you have selected.


Step 1: Login to the Panel and select the server you want to setup a Whitelist for.

Step 2: Go to your server console and enter the following command: whitelist on This will turn on the whitelist, make sure you don't use a / because that isn't needed in the console.

Step 3: To add or remove someone from the whitelist, view the whitelist, or turn the whitelist off view the commands below.

# Add a player to your whitelist
whitelist add <playername>
# Remove a player from your whitelist
whitelist remove <playername>
# View players on your whitelist
whitelist list
# Turn off the whitelist
whitelist off

All of these commands work in-game aswell, just be sure to add a / in front of your commands!

Step 4: Your whitelist is now setup! You don't need to restart your server, these changes will go live immediately.