How to add subusers on the panel (multiple accounts)

This guide will show you on how to create subusers on the Panel for your other server administrators to use.

NOTE: Always use subusers, in no circumstance should you ever give the password of your account to someone else. By using subusers you can easily disable all access to the account in case of an emergency.

Step 1: Login to the Panel and select the server you want to create a subuser for.

Step 2: On the sidebar on the left of the panel click on 'Subusers'.

Step 3: On the top right of the Subuser screen click the 'Create New' button.

Step 4: Enter the email of the Subuser in the field at the top called 'Email Address'.

Step 5: Now select the permissions you want your Subuser to have. We recommend only giving out powerful commands and file access to people you trust. Eg. kill, console command, SFTP Management.

Step 6: Once you have setup all permissions for your Subuser click 'Add New Subuser' on the top of the screen.

Step 7: Your Subuser will now receive an email on the given email address with their username and password and will now only be able to perform actions you gave them permission to.